About Beekon

Beekon is a proximity marketing solution developed by Hendo srls that uses beacons to bring digital communication in the physical space: thanks to a mobile app users, customers and visitors are involved in a communication flow that allows an advertiser to send messages contextual. A technology that is rapidly and at low cost, such as Bluetooth Low Energy, thanks to Beekon can be easily integrated into IT systems and already existing software architectures representing an added value for the advertiser who chooses to use it and who can decide to amplify their own communication also through external hardware. The different types of users and messages make Beekon a very versatile solution and able to adapt to different contexts and needs: from museums to shops, from corporate events to yachting, Beekon solutions are an essential tool for anyone who wants to compete with the challenges of and the Internet of Things and make tangible the advantages and opportunities of smart cities.
Communication and proximity marketing represent the last frontier of digital and, at the same time, an interesting return to physical space: with Beekon it is possible to attract, seduce, satisfy common needs, so as to bring users and customers closer to what they really want. Knowing what you like to your audience and your interlocutors becomes, then, essential to create winning strategies that allow you to donate and exchange without causing any disturbance, as well as producing concrete benefits for both parties.

Beekon: an integrated solution for proximity marketing

With only a single tool Beekon offers you advantage you can have proximity marketing with. if you decide to use one of our solution, you will also have available:
  • Bluetooth sensor (beacons) to be installed in your physical space to detect the presence of your customers;
  • a mobile app that, through Bluetooth enabled on the smartphone, detects the proximity of a beacon installed in a specific point of a physical space, geolocating the smartphone and, thanks to a web portal, allows you to communicate with the users;
  • a web portal that communicates with the apps installed on the smarphones of your customers and users and allows you to monitor access to your physical space and send messages, insights, images, videos and other multimedia content, specially designed for your public;
  • a CRM associated with your web portal that allows you to track the actions taken towards your users and their preferences, so as to be able to prepare newsletters, DEM and integrated communication campaigns for very specific targets;
  • push notifications through which you can communicate directly with your users and send personalized messages, offering them advantages and tools that increase their satisfaction, without causing any inconvenience;

Integrate proximity marketing with your tools thanks to Beekon

Beekon is a fully integrable solution that can be easily associated with the hardware and software devices you already have to make them even more effective. In fact, you can combine Beekon with:
  • your website and your ecommerce, so as to monitor and manage all the proximity marketing activities from your company portal;
  • your CRM and your marketing automation system, to be able to target your users more and more precisely and define specific clusters based on the actions that your customers carry out in your store or your company, to structure online campaigns and DEM always more effective and targeted;
  • your smart totems and your digital signage screens: thanks to these external hardware your notifications, your messages and your offers will reach beyond the screen of a smartphone and can be sent to a far greater number of users, even in very busy areas such as a museum, a stadium, a shopping center or an airport;

    Customize Beekon: to each its proximity marketing

    The proximity marketing solutions of Beekon can be customized according to the specific needs of the advertiser: you can request and obtain a proprietary and closed solution with which to communicate only your content and manage only your events. Any product you choose, you will be able to:
    • insert your brand in the chosen solution;
    • choose the graphic you prefer;
    • use your payoffs and promotional texts;
    The objectives of the communication and marketing strategy can change according to the needs of the advertiser: Beekon, as an integral part of these activities, can provide push notifications that spread messages and different resources, such as:
    • digital flyers and invitations;
    • coupons, discounts and promotions;
    • maps, routes, logistics information on means of transport and opening hours;
    • historical-artistic in-depth analysis, interviews and didactic cards;
    • slides, tutorials and other training resources;

      Beekon solutions for communication and proximity marketing

      Beekon is a proximity marketing solution or better it is a range of solutions, which can bring benefits and advantages and offer opportunities in many contexts and in many different physical spaces. Here are the verticalizations of Beekon:
      • Beekon Event = today the only Beekon solution already marketed, is the right choice for organizing 2.0 events;
      • Beekon Sea = in an advanced prototyping phase, Beekon Sea is the technology that will revolutionize the world of cruises;
      • Beekon Sail = the solution for the Beekon yachts that makes tourist harbours simpler and more attractive for tourists;
      • Beekon Safety = another Beekon solution in an advanced state of prototyping and development, will make it possible to streamline the procedures and obligations required by the regulations on safety at work;
        • Beekon Shop = discounts, coupons and promotions on the smartphone of your customers just when they are in your store;
        • Beekon City = a solution for smart cities of the future that offers many opportunities to public administrations who want to innovate transport, public services, accessibility and security.
        • Beekon Art = museums and art galleries will benefit from this proximity communication solution that could revolutionize the experience of using cultural sites.
        • Beekon Park = a solution designed to bring digital communication and IoT to archaeological parks and nature parks.
        • Beekon Play =you will live your sports competitions and virtual tournaments in real time, with lots of useful information on the progress of the races and the goals achieved by your opponents.

        The future of Beekon: proximity communication all around you

        The development and release of most of the proximity marketing solutions will accompany you in the smart city and in the smart life of the future, an ideal world that every day, little by little, becomes more concrete and tangible thanks to many smart cities that also in Italy they have already started using beacons and BLE technology but also through domotics that will allow you to bring the bluetooth sensors into the domestic space to ensure that all the devices around you, even in private space and life, can respond to your needs and satisfy them in the quickest and most efficient way, in the best way for you and for those around you.