Ottobre 15, 2017
Real Time Marketing

Marketing in real time

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Aprile 6, 2018

Beekon at the Fuksas Cloud: innovation runs at the Formula E Grand Prix

Saturday, April 14th, at the Roma Convention Center La Nuvola, in the EUR district, on the occasion of the Roman stage of the Formula E Grand Prix, Hendo is waiting for you to present all the opportunities that the Beekon solution offers you to make your events simpler and more effective .
Maggio 21, 2018

Beekon: proximity communication to the PA 2018 Forum

Beekon participates in the Forum PA 2018 is the best opportunity to present all the communication solutions of proximity that will contribute decisively to the innovation of cities and museums, public transport and marinas, cruise ships and natural parks.
Maggio 25, 2018

Beacon: what they are and how they work

To really know the beacon, what they are and how they work, you need to look at bluetooth technology, understand its operation and its integration with the GPS, understand what is the BLE technology and the UUID and know the costs of the hardware sensors and the modalities with which they are installed.